About Dayne

Dayne ThomasWelcome to my Blog and thank you for reading.

Here’s a little background about my adventures.

I was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan in the shadows of the Pontiac Motor Foundry. I matriculated Pontiac public schools and earned a degree in Communication Arts from Michigan State University. My degree path was interrupted by a military stint during the Vietnam era whereby I deployed with the 2nd Infantry Division and posted on the DMZ in Korea. I am proud to say I served with distinction during that very unpopular war and awarded an Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service.

Upon returning to civilian life, I completed my degree and embarked upon a corporate odyssey that took me across the US and Asia Pacific.

I have come full circle after leaving the corporate world. I returned to Pontiac, Michigan and I frequently say: “I came back, to give back” .  I Chair the Pontiac Planning Commission, I chair a nonprofit corporation with a mission to restore the dignity of a humble but historic neighborhood where I was born, and I nurture an Orchard, Vineyard, Community Garden that I reclaimed from derelict land just 7 years ago.

I started my Blog in 2007 and it had humble beginnings. I started by simply sending pregame and postgame insights to a small group of friends and associates. Then those folks would send my Blog onto two or three of their friends, and a dozen years later my Blog has taken on a life of its own

There are plenty of beat writers who provide “play by play” coverage, and personal stories from inside the locker room or the coaches office, but I don’t want to be in the locker room or in the coaches office because I don’t want personal relationships to get in the way of researching and reporting the facts. I’m more focused upon the fundamentals of the game.

I really don’t care how fast a player runs the 40, or if a player can execute a 360 slam. And while personal athletic skills are fascinating and all, I only care how frequently an Offense crosses the goal line, or how efficient a Defense is at preventing opponents from scoring and stats help me predict that in advance. Numbers don’t lie, and stats help me cut through the clutter.

My starting point of course is Spartan football, and while I am an alumni as well as an honorary member of Varsity “S” Club, I put my personal bias aside and let the stats speak for themselves. Come along for another exciting ride of Spartan football and basketball.

Thank you for reading and I welcome your comments and opinions.